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TASEL-M Phase 2
TASEL-M2 addresses issues of sustainability and scalability relative to successful practices of Phase I-TASEL-M, the critical juncture between high school and college, and the issue of mathematics preparation for post-secondary success in the context of increased need for remedial mathematics in college.

The TASEL-M2 partners implement and study a district-wide professional development plan to: strengthen and adapt innovative practices from the TASEL-M project; take them to scale in all of the district's secondary schools; narrow the achievement gap in Algebra for targeted subgroups (ELL, Hispanic, low SES, and Special Education); and increase student enrollment in advanced mathematics courses. This project researches the causal factors linking Professional Learning Communities, peer coaching, and increases in student achievement.

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Project Contributions

Eighth-Grade Algebra Course Placement and Student Motivation for Mathematics
This study uses student panel data to examine the association between algebra placement and student motivation for mathematics. Changes in achievement goals, expectancy, and task value for students in eighth-grade…
Posted by: David Pagni . The Teachers Assisting Students to Excel in Learning Mathematics: Phase II (TASEL-M2) Project is designed to prepare and support mathematics teachers teach effectively by engaging full mathematics departments in cohesive…
Scaling up successful strategies from a previous Targeted NSF-MSP
STEM Faculty engage in implementing content-deepening experiences for teachers in collaboration with Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs) by observing, supporting, and presenting focused content and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) lessons.…