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The Stark County MSP project funded in October 2002 by the National Science Foundation fosters Stark County's efforts to improve overall student achievement in math and science while reducing the achievement gap at the middle and high school levels. The partnership includes 17 school districts, the Stark County Educational Service Center, 5 area colleges (Malone College, Stark State College, Kent State University - Stark, Walsh University, and Mount Union College), local business and industry, and The Stark Education Partnership. Please view Project Showcase for a list of accomplishments.

The NSF, impressed with Stark County's endeavors, extended the grant by 2 years enabling us to continue some of our programs and focus on: publishing results from our grant initiatives; maintaining our MSP website; and obtaining, reporting, and interpreting valuable data used to improve curriculum and instruction.

Stark County is grateful to the NSF and looking forward to 2 more years of progress toward our goals.

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Project Contributions

Data Analysis and Technology Deliver a New Beginning for Ohio Math Students
Posted by: Robert (Mike) Bayer . The author presents the process by which Canton City Schools rewrote its middle school curriculum, provided opportunities to analyze student data, and added interactive technology to the classroom. These...
FOSS Implementation and Professional Development in Stark County, Ohio
Posted by: Robert (Mike) Bayer . This article presents the full-scale implementation of the FOSS program over the last four years in Stark County Schools. It shows the professional development offered and the cooperating partnerships...
Testimony to Congressional Committee on Using Data to Improve Student Achievement
On May 24, Nancy Love (TERC) along with Pam Rorrer (MSP Teacher Coach) will be doing a presentation for a congressional committee on using data to improve student achievement. Nancy...
Texas Instruments Executives Visit Canton City Schools
On March 30, Melendy Lovett, Senior Vice President of Texas Instruments, visited Canton City Schools to observe the work that they are doing with graphing calculators and the TI Navigator...
Math and Science Teachers Take Turn in Business World
STARK EDUCATORS APPLY THEIR LESSONS THEY CAN NOW GIVE STUDENTS EXAMPLES OF HOW CONCEPTS ARE USED IN 'REAL WORLD' "James Russell peered through the microscope, squinting his eyes in determination....
Stark teachers become students
"THAT'S SCIENCE. Mary Beth Buck is working a two-week internship at her husband's Minerva veterinary service so she can make her science classes more relevant for her eighthgrade students at...
Teachers gain "real world" lessons: Program builds bridge of math, science skills from classroom to business
"From medical facilities to government offices, to a zoo and an art museum, 36 Stark County math and science teachers completed internships this summer with 29 businesses. "I can't believe...
Teachers translate summer internships into class lessons
Posted by: Robert (Mike) Bayer . Highlights of the MSP program. Summer programs include: middle and high school math and science teachers had the opportunity to work for two weeks in an area business or industry. From this experience teachers designed real-world lessons based on the internship.