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Spatial Thinking Curriculum
The Evaluation of a Model Spatial Thinking Curriculum for Building Computational Skills in Elementary Grades K-5 project advances objectives of the STEM+Computing Partnership (STEM+C) program, which seeks to advance new approaches to, and evidence-based understanding of, the integration of Computational Thinking and computation into STEM teaching and learning. The project will address a significant challenge in preparing elementary-aged children to enter the STEM workforce in coming decades: developing visuospatial and computational skills that underlie success in gatekeeping high school and college STEM courses. Visuospatial skills, those related to visual perception of the spatial relationships of objects, have been documented to vary by gender and may be influenced by socioeconomic factors.

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Project Contributions

Spatial STEM+C: Developing Computational Thinking and Mathematical Skills in Children with Spatial Puzzles, Games, and Building Toys
Watch Video >> We tend to take spatial thinking for granted when we pack a car for an extended vacation or figure out instructions for putting a bookshelf together. Spatial…