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REvitalizing ALgebra
This Math and Science Partnership includes San Francisco State University, the Berkeley Unified School District, the Jefferson Elementary School District, and the South San Francisco Unified School District.

The partnership is focusing on improving student performance in algebra by uniting three distinct groups of educators: middle and high school algebra teachers (grades 8-10), undergraduate mathematics majors with interests in secondary education, and graduate mathematics students who teach remedial college algebra. The cohort is working together to ensure the successful learning of algebra for students, particularly underrepresented students, at the high school and undergraduate level. Improved student achievement results from the collaboration and its emphasis on improving the effectiveness of teachers.

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Project Contributions

Using Rich Problems for Differentiated Instruction
"Working in well-facilitated small groups on rich problems that are accessible puts students in the position of differentiating the content, processes, and product of their own work. When students areā€¦