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Priming the PUMP
Marquette University, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, proposes the PUMP-CS Project (Preparing the Upper Midwest for Principles of Computer Science). PUMP-CS will provide a two-track professional development (PD) sequence for endorsing in-service and pre-service teachers--regardless of their prior CS-specific knowledge--to teach the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) or Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) curricula in their classrooms. The first track prepares in-service teachers to lead 9th- or 10th-grade level ECS, which integrates an inquiry- and equity-based pedagogy to convey solid CS content while appealing to a more diverse student population than traditional CS offerings. The second track includes a methods course, Teaching Computer Science (TCS), which enables both pre-service and in-service teachers to add a CS-specific endorsement to their primary certification, while continuing to promote pedagogical reform.

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