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NJ Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics
The New Jersey Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics (NJ-PEMSM) is a partnership between Rutgers University and seven school districts in the state of New Jersey. The partnership is developing the expertise of teachers in mathematics, pedagogy, and leadership to enhance the mathematical achievement of their students and to share their expertise further as lead teachers, mathematics coaches, and district resources. NJ-PEMSM includes school districts facing a cross-section of the most serious educational challenges for American public schools: economic stresses in the home and community environments, a diversity of socio-cultural contexts, and partial student proficiency on statewide mathematics assessments. The NJ-PEMSM Institute, with summer and academic year components, is enrolling 100 active middle school mathematics teachers, in four cohorts over five years, as Partnership Fellows. Fellows undertake a program that develops deep mathematical content knowledge and research-based pedagogical strategies to engage students in learning.

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Project Contributions

Eliciting and Supporting Teachers' Openness to Discussing Deep Mathematical Issues
"The New Jersey Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics (NJ PEMSM) is an NSF-MSP project to help mid-career middle school mathematics teachers deepen their content understanding. Outside observers have…
Teachers Create a Professional Learning Community to be a Place of their Own
"In Spring, 2012, seven New Jersey middle school mathematics teachers volunteered to lead an afterschool Professional Learning Community. The teachers…
New Jersey Partnership's Amy Cohen honored with Louise Hay Award
"The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) will present the Twenty-Third Annual Louise Hay Award to Amy Cohen, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in…
New Jersy Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics
Posted by: Amy Cohen . This presentation describes the structure of a summer institute for mid-career middle school math teachers intended to deepen their understanding of the mathematics of the middle grades and some key…