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Minority Led Program Partnership Model for Integration of NanoBiotechnology
The State of Alabama has committed to expanding and sustaining its bioscience and nanotechnology resources, providing opportunities for K-20 synergism and leveraging of state resources. With an ultimate objective to have all students prepared and well grounded in math and science technology, thereby improving the economic landscape for future scientists, researchers, and technicians, this MSP-Start project is researching, planning, and developing a full MSP Partnership between an EPSCoR program, nano- and biotechnology industries in Alabama, the Alabama Department of Education, and Alabama public school systems. A distinctive characteristic of this work is that it brings together the highly organized Alabama Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (ALEPSCoR) into a partnership to promote STEM education in K-12 schools, with a vision of using ALEPSCoR programming and institutions to raise academic standards and student performance.

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Project Contributions

STEM Modules: Developing Innovative Approaches to Enhance Student Learning
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Tuskegee MSP - A Success Story
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