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Maine's Energy Future, Maine's Educational Future
MEF2 is preparing 6th to 9th grade science teachers to address the need for students to develop "energy literacy" by going beyond traditional course boundaries to 1) provide a deep understanding of energy processes and resources and 2) demonstrate how these energy principles translate into energy jobs in a state with abundant natural renewable sources of energy (i.e. wind, wave, solar and biomass).

The MEF2 project through its governmental partners is informing statewide educational and workforce policies as well as demonstrating the potential of STEM partnerships to bridge the gaps between teachers, scientists from community and four-year colleges, and teacher educators.

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Project Contributions

Maine's Energy Future, Maine's Education Future
Posted by: Jan Mokros . This project involves partners from central Maine schools, universities, and community organizations in enhancing middle school teachers' understanding of energy. We have developed and taught a graduate level course at…
EDU 523 Syllabus
Posted by: Mary Schwanke . Syllabus for new graduate course for teachers interested in learning fundamentals of electrical energy and how to conduct science investigations with their students using the data from eMontiors (provided by…