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As computing has become integral to the practice of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the STEM + Computing program seeks to address emerging challenges in computational STEM areas through the applied integration of computational thinking (CT) and computing within disciplinary STEM teaching and learning in early childhood education through high school (preK-12). The three-year exploratory project, Maker Partnership: A Research Practice Partnership to Integrate Computer Science and Computational Thinking into Science Instruction, is designed to build knowledge about how to help teachers successfully integrate computer science (CS) and computational thinking into elementary grade science classes through maker pedagogy and curriculum. Maker pedagogy emphasizes learning through student-centered inquiry, creating, and innovating. It is based on the principles and practices of the engineering design process, which is an iterative cycle that consists of defining a problem, researching, planning, prototyping and testing solutions, and refining the solution as necessary.

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