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The IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) has a 16-year history of preparing high-school teacher leaders to improve their own practice and implement professional development for their peers. This Math Science Partnership project is a prototype institute that will pilot the transfer of the PCMI professional development model to diverse school districts across the nation: specifically McAllen, TX, Las Cruces and Gadsden, NM; and Seattle, WA.

These school districts, representing diverse student populations, form partnerships with local institutions of higher education. The school districts will identify 4-6 secondary and middle schools for initial participation and all teachers of mathematics in the designated schools become involved over the course of three years.

The PCMI Math Science Partnership is formally known as "PD3: PCMI and Districts Partner to Design Professional Development." PCMI traditionally deals with high school teachers, however the MSP project broadens participation by including middle school teachers.

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Project Contributions

Do the Math: Engagement equals academic success
Posted by: catherine Giesbrecht . As part of the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute, a team from the University of Washington worked with high school teachers on revamping their math program, adapting a new interactive curriculum...