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HR-PAL: Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra
The HR-PAL: HAMPTON ROADS PARTNERSHIP FOR ALGEBRA is led by Hampton University and also includes, as core partners, Paul D. Camp Community College, Thomas Nelson Community College, the Chesapeake School District, the Hampton School District, and the Norfolk School District. This MSP-Start Partnership project is developing the partnership and tools that will culminate in a full Math and Science Partnership proposal with the objective of improving the algebra skills of middle and high school students. The partners will create a framework for understanding where the intersections exist between school-based knowledge and design and engineering literacy, involving applications of mathematics in the real world. The project is focused on narrowing a gap that exists between typical school mathematics problems (involving straightforward procedures and simplified numbers) and the ability to apply appropriate mathematical skills in different contexts. The project is utilizing data from assessment administrators (from the partnering school districts) to evaluate what is needed to increase student achievement in algebra.

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Project Contributions

System Analysis Methodology for Teaching Algebra: A Foundation in Engineering Education
"The public school system in Virginia is implementing more challenging standards and assessments to ensure that all of their graduates possess the knowledge and skills needed for success in college…
What is the Role of Engineering in Secondary Education? A Case for Integrating Crosscutting Engineering Skills in K-12
"This paper explores the role that engineering educators can play in building engineering skills in K-12 level, as demonstrated in the Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra (HR-PAL) project in Virginia.…
HR-PAL: A partnership to enhance algebra performance
Posted by: Shari Wiley . The goal of the HR-PAL partnership funded through the NSF MSP-Start program is to engage both higher education and K-12 faculty in building an eff ective partnership to enhance problem-solving…
LNC Conference Poster: HR-PAL: Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra
This poster was presented at the 2013 MSP Learning Network Conference in Washington DC.
Summer Institute Participant Presentations
Posted by: Anne Pierce . Discussion of two design projects with algebra problems
HR-PAL: Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra
Posted by: Jale Akyurtlu . Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra project is funded by the NSF MSP-Start program for two years, starting in September 2011. Hampton University formed a partnership with Chesapeake, Hampton and Norfolk…