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The Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science
Tufts University, in partnership with TERC,and Malden Public Schools has developed the Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science, a series of on-line graduate level courses for producing leaders in science education. This innovative initiative launches a series of on-line courses and face-to-face summer institutes for 130 K-8 teachers producing a pivotal group of leaders in science education qualified to implement science and classroom research, and to act as leaders of science in their schools.

The Institute engages participants in how learners' understanding of scientific phenomena evolves. Its extensive curricula includes observing and making sense of scientific phenomena, learning how scientists and students grasp the same phenomena, sharing and gaining insights with Institute participants, and learning how to plan and support inquiry-based learning experiences in classroom settings. The teachers' personal experiences, enriched by the reflections of practicing scientists, enables them to better comprehend the science and understand that students perceive phenomena from diverse perspectives.

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Project Contributions

The Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science MSP
Tufts University Department of Education and Fulcrum Institute Present: Facilitating Discussions: Excerpts from the 2009 Summer Institute
Formulating Measures: Toward Modeling in the K-12 Science and Mathematics Curriculum
"Models are ways of relating the behavior of different measures to one another. Measures are constructs that we devise to quantify the amount or degree of a property of interest.…
Video - The Fulcrum Institute: Changing the Lives of Teachers
This seven-minute video highlights the work of the Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science. Teachers speak about how attending the institute has affected their pedagogy as well as their personal intellectual growth.
Science Sense: New Tufts Program
Posted by: Roxane Johnson . An article about the Fulcrum Institute in the Tufts Education Dept. newsletter. "A lot of the visible outcomes of the institute have to do with, at least as far as...