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Florida Science and Mathematics Education Summit
Large-scale improvement in science and mathematics education require a shared vision and commitment to action of an array of stakeholders who have limited understanding of what is needed and lack a forum for effective communication. We will bring together key groups in a statewide Summit to create this shared vision and commitment and to develop specific, achievable policy and legislative outcomes to be pursued for at least three years. Legislators, the Governor's office, Florida Department of Education Officials, Business and Industry representatives, and Science and Mathematics educators at all levels will convene in a one-and-a-half day meeting to establish a common understanding of the need for science and mathematics literacy in our workforce, the challenges of today's schools, effective methods of science and mathematics instructions, the nature and dimensions of creating change in mathematics and science instruction, and action plans necessary to achieve them.

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Summary of Florida Science and Mathematics Education Summit
In a little over a year, the 2005 Florida Summit resulted in a major advance of the importance assigned to mathematics and science education in Florida. The advocacy by the...