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Developing computer science teachers who can support high school students in being successful in rigorous, academic computer science courses is a national need. Project Engage: Training Secondary Teachers to Deliver Computer Science and Engineering Instruction will support the implementation of an emerging Computer Science Principles course called Thriving in Our Digital World (TODW) in forty-five urban, suburban, and rural schools, including public, private, magnet, and charter schools, in Texas. The TODW course will be offered in a unique dual enrollment mode (concurrent high school and college credit). This project will test two innovative professional development techniques for expanding the reach to more schools: flipped classroom techniques, in which teachers receive recorded video-based professional development, and then use face-to-face time for more hands-on activities; and an automated system which will use artificial intelligence technology to support negotiation of common grades for student work between high school teachers and college faculty.

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Project Contributions

Design Principles for Thriving in Our Digital World: A High School Computer Science Course
" Thriving in Our Digital World is a technology-enhanced dual enrollment course introducing high school students to computer science through project- and problem based learning. This article describes the evolution…