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e-Mentoring for Student Success
The Virtual Mentoring for Student Success (VMSS) is a partnership that includes the National Science Teachers Association; six urban schools districts in California - the Hayward Unified, the Morgan Hill Unified, the Mount Diablo Unified, the Gilroy Unified, the North Monterey County, and the Pajaro Valley Unified School Districts; ninety small rural school districts in Montana - the Billings Public Schools, Great Falls Public Schools and Manhattan Public Schools, the Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement, MT Small Schools Alliance, Golden Triangle Consortium, Prairie View Consortium, Missoula County Consortium and Northwest Curriculum Consortium; University of California Santa Cruz and Montana State University-Bozeman.

The partnership focuses on raising student achievement in science at the middle and high school levels through effective sustained professional development of novice teachers using an innovative, disciplinary, content-specific distance-delivery model that promises to reduce teacher attrition rates.

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Project Contributions

eMSS: An Online, Content-Focused Mentoring Program for Secondary Math and Science Teachers
"The research literature is very clear on the type of experiences beginning teachers need in order to accelerate their growth and practice. eMSS, through its design, program implemention, and selection…
E-Mentors for Math Teachers
"In a guest post on The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Impatient Optimists blog entitled "E-Mentors for Math Teachers," mentor Marc Dembowski writes about his powerful experience coaching nearly 50…