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Elementary STEM Curriculum
Computing has become an integral part of the practice of in modern science, technology engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. As a result, the STEM+Computing Partnership (STEM+C) program seeks to integrate the use of computational approaches in K-12 STEM teaching and learning and understand how this integration can improve STEM learning, engagement, and persistence. Computational Thinking (CT) is a relatively new educational focus and a clear need for learners as a 21st century skill. This prokect will address this challenging new area for young learners, an area greatly in need of research and learning materials. Broward County Schools' literacy and curriculum coordinator team will work with their staff and teachers to develop Problem Based Learning (PBL) integrated Computer Science (CS) and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) modules, and professional development materials around these modules.

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Project Contributions

Lessons Learned: Integrating Computer Science in the Elementary Day
Watch Video >> This video will present the Time for CS: Elementary curriculum development and research project, funded through a National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM+Computing Partnership Exploratory Integration grant and…