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Integrating computing in STEM
As computing has become integral to the practice of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the STEM+Computing program seeks to address emerging challenges in computational STEM areas through the applied integration of computational thinking and computing activities within STEM teaching and learning in early childhood education through high school (preK-12). The goal of this collaborative STEM+Computing project is to design, develop, and investigate outcomes of professional development (PD) designed to support in-service teachers in integrating computing and STEM curricula across middle- and high-school classrooms. Approximately 360 teachers in North Carolina and South Carolina will be recruited to participate in summer PD workshops. In each state, one workshop will implement a new PD model that provides interdisciplinary teams of STEM+C teachers with an opportunity to work with the investigators and together -- in the workshop and throughout the academic year -- to build lessons, activities, and resources that integrate computing into classroom-based activities.

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