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CT-infused Physics
Computing and computational thinking (CT) are an integral part of everyday practice within modern fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). As a result, the STEM+Computing Partnerships (STEM+C) program seeks to advance new multidisciplinary approaches to, and evidence-based understanding of, the integration of computing in STEM teaching and learning, and discipline-specific efforts in computing designed to build an evidence base for teaching and learning of computer science in K-12, including within diverse populations. Recent efforts have been made to incorporate computational modeling in physics instruction to facilitate integration of computing and physics instruction. However, these efforts focus on upper-grade, calculus-based physics courses, in which disproportionately fewer Black, Hispanic, and female students enroll. This project will develop and test an innovative professional development system where teachers develop physics, computing and CT, and pedagogical content knowledge that enables them to effectively incorporate computational modeling in algebra-based Physics First courses in which all students enroll.

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