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CS10K: C-START: Colorado - STrategic Approach to Rally Teachers
The Colorado School of Mines (CSM), in partnership with the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), proposes a project to improve the skills of existing computer science (CS) teachers, share best practices in CS pedagogy, and positively change the diversity of students in existing and new CS courses in Colorado. The project -- called C-START (Colorado: STrategic Approach to Rally Teachers) -- will create high-quality professional development (PD) opportunities, empower, and support more than 50 high school teachers, enabling them to teach a progression of CS courses, from the introductory level through Advanced Placement (AP) CS. These opportunities will leverage recent efforts for K-12 CS PD and best practices in broadening participation in computing developed by the BPC-A Alliances and other NSF Broadening Participation in Computing projects.

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