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CS10K: Prioritizing and Expanding Access to Computer Science Instruction in High-needs High Schools
Teach For America (TFA) proposes to recruit and support a diverse group of teachers to teach computer science (CS) in high-needs public high schools. Often students at low-resourced schools--frequently low-income students and students of color--do not receive the high-quality, rigorous computer science instruction needed for success in college and beyond. This CS10K proposal aims to increase access to CS for students of color, low-income students, female students, and students with intersections of these identities. TFA is well positioned to accomplish this as its organizational vision focuses on improving educational opportunities for all children, particularly low-income children and children of color. TFA placement schools serve students historically underrepresented in computing by socioeconomic status (>80% eligible for free/reduced price lunch) and racial/ethnic backgrounds (>80% identify as African American or Latino/a).

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