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CE in Schools of Education
The STEM +Computing Partnership (STEM+C) program seeks to advance multidisciplinary integration of computing in STEM teaching and learning through applied research and development across one or more domains; advancement of computer science in K-12; and broadening participation in computing fields. Investments are made in critical areas of pedagogy, pre-service and in-service teacher professional development. With the expansion of computing education in mainstream K-12 schools and the demand for teachers surpassing the number of teachers prepared to teach computer science, teacher preparation programs must be engaged to produce a scalable, sustainable pipeline of computer science teachers; thus, there's a need for computing education in the schools of education, including pre-service teacher development, faculty hiring, and research. This project proposes two workshop meetings designed to emphasize the importance of computing education in pre-service teacher preparation, provide models of computer science teacher preparation, and discuss challenges faced by education programs in advancing computing education alongside mathematics and science education.

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