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Building Capacity for Computer Science Teaching in a Rural State
Developing computer science teachers who can support high school students in being successful in rigorous, academic computer science courses is a national need, particularly in rural communities. This project aims to permanently increase the capacity of the state of Maine to offer high quality computer science instruction. The STEM-C (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, including Computing) Partnerships program supports research-driven partnerships between STEM experts and K-12 school systems to bring about institutional change for better STEM education at the K-12 level. This STEM-C Partnerships Computer Science Expansion project builds on a previously successful Partnership and now works to infuse high quality computer science curriculum and teaching into high schools across Maine. Over a three-year period, this Partnership will support seventy-five current teachers of mathematics in becoming computer science teachers.

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Project Contributions

NSF Awards Grant to MMSA to Support Computer Science Instruction in Maine High Schools
"The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a three-year $469,369 grant to improve access to computer science instruction by Maine high school students. This project is led by the Maineā€¦