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Boston Science Partnership
For more information about the Boston Science Partnership, please see our website:

The Boston Science Partnership (BSP) is comprised of the following core partners: the Boston Public Schools (BPS), Northeastern University (NEU) and the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB). The Harvard Medical School and the College Board participate as supporting partners.

The goals of the Partnership are the following:
-- To raise BPS student achievement in science;
-- To significantly improve the quality of BPS science teachers;
-- To increase the number of students who succeed in higher-level courses in science and who are admitted to and retained in university science and engineering programs;
-- To improve science teaching both in BPS and at the universities; and
-- To institutionalize these changes so that the Boston Science Partnership and its work will be sustained.

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Project Contributions

Sustainability of NSF-funded Science Education Fellowship: An MSP Noyce Master Teacher Supplement
"In June 2012, the Boston Science Partnership (BSP) thought it was saying goodbye to the Science Education Fellowship (SEF) program it had started with supplemental funding from Noyce to design…
Student Success in Student Success in the BSP: Eight Years of Data, Evaluation and Research
Over eight years of designing, planning, piloting and running a set of interventions, the BSP has aimed to improve student success by reaching their classroom teachers across the district. The…
Invitation to Press Conference and Live Webcast: UMass Boston Hosts Urban America's Science Report Card
Download Full Press Release Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011 Time: 10-11 AM, EST Location: University of Massachusetts, Boston Campus Center Ballroom 100 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125 Live Webcast: Visit…
Boston Science Partnership Video Highlight: AP Summer Bridge Program
This 6-minute video highlights BSP's program to engage students interested in STEM by giving them a head start on AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses, which are held in science laboratories at local universities.
BSP Showcase 2010: A New Vision of Urban Science Education
BSP's Showcase and MSP Working Session on April 12-13th will highlight results, celebrate successes, and use the BSP as a case study of a successful project. Partnerships and colleagues invited…
Tenure and Promotion Review as a Lever for Institutional Change
This paper addresses the following claim(s): "The claims that we make through this presentation are supported by existing literature and through experience with the UMass Boston model. There is also…
BSP CCLS model profiled in article in Science Educator
Posted by: Jennifer Dorsen . This paper looks at how Professional Learning Communities have become an operational approach for professional development with potential to de-isolate the teaching experience…
BSP PI Awarded Highest University Honor
Posted by: Jennifer Wu . The Boston Science Partnership is pleased to announce that Principal Investigator Hannah Sevian has received the 2006 University of Massachusetts President's Public Service Award, the highest honor bestowed...
Urban AP Science Teacher Workshops - New England
Posted by: Jennifer Wu . The College Board and the Boston Science Partnership are teaming up to provide urban high school science teachers from the New England region with AP workshops tailored to the needs...
Raising the Bar for Student Achievement in Science
Posted by: Jennifer Wu . Flyer announcing the Partnership's October 19 conference on science achievement for Boston School leaders.
$12.5m Grant Offers Teachers a Science Primer
Posted by: Hannah Sevian . The Boston Science MSP award was announced on October 1, 2004 by Senator Edward Kennedy. This article ran that day in the Boston Globe. "...In the program, about 400 science...