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Morgan State University and Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) are core partners for the MSP-Start "BRAIN-STEM" project which is building the necessary institutional infrastructure, in both the university and the school system, to implement activities that integrate mathematical and biological concepts in a manner that can be incorporated into high school mathematics and science courses. From a content perspective, they are focusing on discrete mathematics and genomics as material that is interesting, engaging, and at an appropriate level for success. They are conducting a needs analysis in the BCPSS by collecting and analyzing student achievement and teacher characteristic data in grades 9 - 12 math and science. They are using these results in designing a project that addresses the content and pedagogical needs of Baltimore City Public School System (BCSS) life sciences and mathematics teachers. Furthermore, they are using their evaluation outcomes as the basis for developing a full MSP Targeted Partnership proposal.

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Project Contributions

Genetics and Sickle Cell
Posted by: Asamoah Nkwanta . Teaching modules integrating concepts from mathematics and biology
Asthma Teaching Module
Posted by: Asamoah Nkwanta . Teaching module integrating concepts from mathematics and biology
Partnership Building: Integrating Math & Life Sciences in Baltimore City High Schools
This paper addresses the following claim(s): "One BRAIN-STEM hypothesis is that integrating of concepts from discrete mathematics and molecular biology in the high school curriculum will result in improved student…