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Boundary Crossing Teams in Support of Math and Science Excellence
Rochester Institute of Technology, the third largest private technical institute of higher education in the United States, Nazareth College, a liberal arts college with a highly regarded school of education, and Rush-Henrietta School District, a large local school district, are all engaged in a new collaborative project. The MSP-Start project is working toward developing a pipeline of highly qualified middle and high school teachers that are both content and pedagogical experts in the fields of mathematics and science.

At the heart of this project are three boundary-crossing teams of faculty, students, and teachers. These teams are crossing boundaries between STEM disciplines, grade levels, types of institutions, pedagogy and science, and student education and careers. The teams are seeking the development of an evidence-based approach to the production and support of high performing science and mathematics teachers through partnerships of technical universities, education schools, and school districts.

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Project Contributions

Exploring a Boundary Crossing Map of Challenges within Partnerships between K12 Teachers, and STEM & Education Faculty
"In order to create and sustain a pipeline of highly competent and pedagogically qualified mathematics and science teachers, our project has created three boundary-crossing teams of STEM and Education faculty,…
Boundary Crossing Teams in support of Math and Science Excellence in Our School Systems
Posted by: Jacob Noel-Storr . We present the teams that we will form in our newly funded MSP Start Project. Each team will explore the boundaries in their domains in subject matter, grade level, and…