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ATOMS Advancing Teaching of Math and Science
Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) and the Kansas City Kansas 500 Public School District form the Advancing Teaching Opportunities of Math and Science (ATOMS) partnership. The partnership is increasing the efficacy of science and math teaching by gaining an increased understanding of the needs of high school teachers through the creation of new needs-assessment tools for teacher professional development.

Ten faculty members from KCKCC's Division of Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences, representing the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and the physical sciences, are serving as mentors to high school teachers. Community College faculty and teachers are working to increase teacher content knowledge, build knowledge of effective technology use in the curriculum and build skills for teachers to become more engaging to students in the areas of math and science.

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ATOMS: Advancing Teaching Opportunities for Math and Science
Posted by: Edward Kremer . KCK Community College and the KCK-Public School collaborated to host an institute to build a deeper understanding of the family of content, skills and processes in math and science curriculum…