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RETA Workshops

Online Workshop: Using Patterns to Develop Algebraic Thinking
Jun 29 - Aug 16, 2005

Jun 29, 2005 - Aug 16, 2005, ONLINE

The RETA project, "Online Technologies to Enhance MSP Teacher Quality Programs," is sponsoring this 6-week online program free of charge to MSP grantees.

Focusing on Middle School Math Teachers, but math coordinators and PD providers are welcome, too.

In this workshop for middle school teachers of mathematics, participants will explore the nature of algebraic thinking and develop strategies for encouraging the development of algebraic thinking in their students. Through readings, video clips, and examination of student work, participants will learn to: 1) recognize and build on opportunities for algebraic thinking in a variety of mathematics contexts; 2) analyze their students' algebraic thinking; and 3) pose questions that encourage the development of algebraic thinking. Participants will also produce a lesson plan that incorporates the key concepts of the workshop.

Note: for one assignment, partipants will be asked to interview 2 students.

To register, visit: