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RETA Workshops

MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPs
Sept. 15-16, 2005

A two-day evaluation, research reporting, and technical assistance conference was held at the Radisson Hotel Metrodome in Minneapolis on September 15-16, 2005, for MSP evaluators, researchers, and principal investigators to report early findings from their work. The first cohort of the National Science Foundation Mathematics and Science Partnerships is in its third year. The evaluators of these MSPs have been developing and implementing research designs, evaluating implementation and outcomes, collecting evidence, and drawing findings from their efforts. Evaluators of the newer MSPs are moving forward along this process. RETA researchers are well immersed in studying significant design, implementation, and evaluation questions. This summit conference provided an opportunity for evaluators, researchers, and STEM faculty to showcase their work and to engage in dialogue on key issues related to evaluating MSPs.

Summary of the 2005 MSP Evaluation Summit

Full description of the 2005 Evaluation Summit

Papers presented at this conference: