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3. You may access a webinar up to 10 minutes prior to its starting time ( the "participate" link will become active ).

There are no scheduled webinars available at this time.

Archived Webinars (141)

Webinar Date Recording Presenter(s)
test 08/24/18 Joni Falk
test 05/09/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Lauren Birney
Facilitator webinar for the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase 05/03/18 yes Joni Falk
Presenter webinar for the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase 05/02/18 yes Joni Falk
Test webinar 04/18/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Lauren Birney, W. Midden
STEM For All Video Showcase Presenter Webinar 03/06/18 yes Joni Falk, Kathryn Hobbs, Jim Galdos
Test webinar 03/05/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Steven Moore, Roxana Hadad
test 03/01/18 Kimberly Descoteaux
TEST webinar for March Academy 02/27/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Amy Cassata, Sarah Wille
test 02/15/18 Kimberly Descoteaux
Test Webinar 02/14/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jeff Rosen, Jayma Koval, Kathy Kennedy, Katherine Soriano
Test Webinar 01/16/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee
Test Webinar 01/16/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee
test webinar 11/16/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, William (Billy) Spitzer
test webinar for MSPnet Academy 10/30/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, Brenda Capobianco, Tamara Moore
test 10/12/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
Test webinar for MSPnet Academy 10/12/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, April Strom, Rachel Levy
test 09/29/17 yes Kimberly Descoteaux
Video Showcase Ad Board Meeting 09/27/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
Facilitator webinar for STEM for All Video Showcase 05/04/17 yes Joni Falk
Presenter webinar for STEM for All Video Showcase 05/03/17 yes Joni Falk
Webinar for NSF INCLUDES Showcase Facilitators 03/15/17 yes Joni Falk
STEM for All Video Showcase webinar 03/08/17 yes Joni Falk, Jim Galdos
NSF INCLUDES Video Showcase webinar 02/22/17 yes Joni Falk
testing now 02/21/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
videohall conference call 02/13/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
test 02/08/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
test webinar AWS 02/04/17 Jon Obuchowski
test 02/02/17 Kimberly Descoteaux
Test webinar 02/02/17 William Penuel, Hank Clark, Kimberly Descoteaux, Philip Bell
TEST webinar for STEM+C Solicitation 01/23/17 Arlene M. de Strulle, Kimberly Descoteaux
Re-Test webinar 01/10/17 Kerri Wingert, Kimberly Descoteaux
test webinar 01/05/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kerri Wingert, Hank Clark, Philip Bell
CSR meeting 11/02/16 Kimberly Descoteaux
Video Showcase Advisory Board Meeting 10/06/16 yes Kimberly Descoteaux
testing3 10/05/16 Kimberly Descoteaux
testing2 10/05/16 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kathryn Hobbs
testing audio 10/05/16 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kathryn Hobbs
team meeting 09/19/16 Kimberly Descoteaux
MSPnet site walk-through 09/14/16 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joni Falk, MSPnet Admin, Kevin Brown
RC discussion on the 2016 Video Showcase 06/09/16 yes Joni Falk
Team Meeting 05/23/16 Kimberly Descoteaux
Videohall Presenter Webinar 05/12/16 yes Joni Falk
Videohall Facilitator Webinar 05/12/16 yes Joni Falk
Practice for March 3 TEAMS webinar 02/29/16 John Engberg, Kathryn Hobbs, Julia Kaufman, John Sutton, Chandra Lewis, Erin Stack
video showcase outreach meeting 02/10/16 yes Joni Falk
Practice for February 4 TEAMS webinar 02/01/16 Kathryn Hobbs, Chandra Lewis, Leigh Abts, John Sutton, Erin Stack
Practice for January 14 TEAMS webinar 01/07/16 Kathryn Hobbs, John Sutton, Chandra Lewis, Erin Stack, Nianbo Dong
Practice for December 1 TEAMS webinar 12/01/15 Kathryn Hobbs, Heather Hill, Chandra Lewis, John Sutton, Erin Stack, Kimberly Descoteaux
Practice Webinar for STEM+C 11/23/15 Janice Cuny
Practice Webinar for STEM+C 11/20/15 Arlene M. de Strulle
audio test 11/19/15 Jon Obuchowski, Kathryn Hobbs, Kimberly Descoteaux
RC Showcase Planning Meeting 11/18/15 yes Joni Falk
testing 11/18/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
audio test 11/17/15 Jon Obuchowski
Practice for November 19 TEAMS Webinar 11/16/15 Emma Espel, Michael Culbertson, John Sutton, Kimberly Descoteaux, Kathryn Hobbs, Erin Stack
testing 11/09/15 yes Jon Obuchowski
Practice for MSP Academy: Tools to Support Inquiry 11/03/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kathryn Hobbs, Robert Tinker
Practice for TEAMS November webinar 10/26/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jennifer Green, Jennifer Broatch, John Sutton, Erin Stack, Kathryn Hobbs, Quang Le
testing for elliot 10/20/15 Elliot Soloway, Kimberly Descoteaux, Cathie Norris
webinar attendee limit testing 10/20/15 Jon Obuchowski
testing multiple participants 10/19/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
walk through test - Whats Missing in Reports and Articles? 10/19/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Chandra Lewis, Erin Stack, John Sutton, Erin Furtak, Joe Taylor, Susan Kowalski, Alina Martinez
Test Webinar for MSPnet Academy 10/14/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Elliot Soloway, Cathie Norris
TEAMS Practice Webinar - Rigorous Alternatives to RCTs 09/30/15 John Sutton, Erin Stack, Michael Culbertson
TEAMS VEE Practice Webinar 09/23/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Ayesha Boyce, Lizanne Destefano, Jennifer Greene, Erin Stack, John Sutton
MSPnet Academy Practice webinar 09/21/15 Irene Lee, Paige Prescott, Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski, Kimberly Descoteaux
test seminar webinar 09/15/15 Jon Obuchowski
TEAMS test 2 09/11/15 John Sutton, Kimberly Descoteaux, Emma Espel, Karen Drill, Erin Stack
Test - TEAMS 09/09/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Erin Stack, John Sutton, Emma Espel, Karen Drill, Quang Le
Weekly meeting 06/30/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
TEAMS - Test webinar 06/10/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Karen Drill, Erin Stack, John Sutton
weekly project meeting 06/02/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jon Obuchowski, Steve Spodaryk
testing another invitation 05/21/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
testing an invitation 05/21/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
Test Webinar - TEAMS 05/19/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kelly Hallberg, Thomas Cook
testing animation arrows 05/07/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
test seminar 03/26/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
TEAMS - Test webinar - What's the big deal about missing data? 03/26/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Erin Stack, John Sutton, Michael Culbertson
Test Webinar - TEAMS (A Systems-Orientation to Evaluation) 02/26/15 John Sutton, Kimberly Descoteaux, Beverly Parsons, Erin Stack, Pat Jessup
test webinar -for Jeanne and Amy 02/25/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jeanne Century, Amy Cassata
Test webinar - MSPnet Academy: Making Sense of Measuring Implementation in Educational Research 02/23/15 Kimberly Descoteaux, Quang Le, Jeanne Century, Amy Cassata
Test Webinar - TEAMS 02/12/15 Dan Jesse, Xin Wang, Mary Gray
TEST Webinar for NSF STEM+C Solicitation 02/05/15 Arlene M. de Strulle, Janice Cuny
Test Webinar for NSF Solicitations 02/04/15 Janice Cuny, Arlene M. de Strulle
NSF Resource Network 01/22/15 Kimberly Descoteaux
Practice webinar for today's TEAMS webinar 12/10/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Brandie Ward, Emma Espel, John Sutton
Test Webinar - TEAMS 11/13/14 Emma Espel, Matthew Linick
test webinar - teams 10/22/14 John Sutton, Brandie Ward, Emma Espel
testing upgraded webinar 10/20/14 Jon Obuchowski
TEAMS practice webinar - Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media as tools for building and evaluat 09/22/14 Matthew Linick, Emma Espel
morning connection test 09/19/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Catherine Callow-Heusser
TEAMS practice webinar - Innovative Ways to Acquire External Feedback - Effectively Engaging an Advi 09/16/14 Catherine Callow-Heusser, John Sutton
video test webinar 09/11/14 Jon Obuchowski
webinar load test 06/18/14 Jon Obuchowski
webinar cf_http test 06/17/14 Jon Obuchowski
Test Webinar for Academy 06/17/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joan Pasley, Eric Banilower
recording test webinar 06/05/14 yes Jon Obuchowski
testing video again 05/27/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Rena Stroud
testing video and audio 05/22/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Susan Jo Russell
Whiteboard for Games Demo 05/08/14 Jon Obuchowski
whiteboard test 05/08/14 Jon Obuchowski
audio test webinar 04/24/14 Jon Obuchowski
test webinar for Academy - SABES 04/17/14 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kavita Mittapalli, Yolanda Abel, Steven Sheldon
audio demo webinar 03/14/14 Jon Obuchowski
audio test webinar 03/14/14 Jon Obuchowski
Testing Upgraded Webinar 03/10/14 Jon Obuchowski
Test webinar for TEAMS 02/26/14 Dave Weaver, John Sutton
test webinar for Academy 02/19/14 Edith Gummer
test webinar 02/14/14 Quang Le
I3 Planning meeting 02/06/14 yes Joni Falk, Brian Drayton, Kathryn Hobbs
Test webinar for Academy 12/11/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joseph Krajcik
I3 planning 12/11/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Kathryn Hobbs, Joni Falk, Brian Drayton
I3 Planning meeting 10/31/13 yes Joni Falk, Brian Drayton, Kathryn Hobbs, Rena Stroud
test recording 09/23/13 yes Kimberly Descoteaux
NSF IES Development/Demo Meeting 07/11/13 yes Joni Falk, Steve Spodaryk
Discussing Interview with MSP Projects about MSPnet 07/10/13 yes Joni Falk
MSPnet Tutorial 06/26/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joni Falk
Practice Academy Webinar 06/25/13 Mary Beth Piecham, Al Cuoco, Glenn Stevens, Miriam Gates, Ryota Matsuura, Sarah Sword
Demo: host connects to webinar using dial-in telephone audio 06/03/13 yes Jon Obuchowski
audio testing webinar - solo 05/29/13 yes Jon Obuchowski
audio testing webinar 05/29/13 yes Jon Obuchowski
webinar recording demo 05/24/13 yes Jon Obuchowski
Test webinar for MSPnet Academy 05/22/13 Kimberly Descoteaux
Webinar tutorial with Anne Gallagher 04/24/13 yes Kimberly Descoteaux
testing host 04/22/13 Joni Guest, Kimberly Descoteaux
testing host 04/17/13 Kimberly Descoteaux
test pp 04/17/13 Kimberly Descoteaux
Practice Academy Webinar 04/02/13 Wendy Smith, John Sutton, Brandie Ward
Inverness Webinar 03/28/13 Joni Falk, Brian Drayton, Kimberly Descoteaux
testing breakout rooms 03/25/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jennifer Mesa
New Project Webinar - SABES 03/21/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joni Falk
testing audio 03/04/13 DeAnn Huinker, Melissa Hedges, Elizabeth Cutter
testing mute and breakout rooms 02/28/13 Jon Obuchowski, Rena Stroud, Kimberly Descoteaux
Webinar Tutorial with Jennifer Mesa 02/20/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jennifer Mesa
Academy Test 02/19/13 Michael Lach, Kimberly Descoteaux, Martin Gartzman, Sendhil Revuluri, Gudelia Lopez, David Foster, Mary Jo Tavormina
test webinar with Heather 01/18/13 Kimberly Descoteaux, Heather Hill
test seminar webinar 12/17/12 Jon Obuchowski
test AC9 webinar 12/08/12 Jon Obuchowski
Testing Elizabeth's audio 10/31/12 Elizabeth VanderPutten
Testing Kathleen's audio 10/30/12 Kathleen Bergin
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