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2. Your internet connection must be on broadband.
3. You may access a webinar up to 10 minutes prior to its starting time ( the "participate" link will become active ).

There are no scheduled webinars available at this time.

Archived Webinars (136)

Webinar Date Recording Presenter(s)
STEM For All Video Showcase Presenter Webinar 03/06/18 yes Joni Falk, Kathryn Hobbs, Jim Galdos
Test webinar 03/05/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Steven Moore, Roxana Hadad
test 03/01/18 Kimberly Descoteaux
TEST webinar for March Academy 02/27/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Amy Cassata, Sarah Wille
test 02/15/18 Kimberly Descoteaux
Test Webinar 02/14/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Jeff Rosen, Jayma Koval, Kathy Kennedy, Katherine Soriano
Test Webinar 01/16/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee
Test Webinar 01/16/18 Kimberly Descoteaux, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee
test webinar 11/16/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, William (Billy) Spitzer
test webinar for MSPnet Academy 10/30/17 Kimberly Descoteaux, Brenda Capobianco, Tamara Moore
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