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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 109 TERC MSPnet members.

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user iconJames StiglerAdvisory Board MemberUCLA
user iconGilly PuttickPI, Co-PI, Project GuestTERC
user iconHeidi SchweingruberProject DirectorNational Research Council (NRC)
user iconAnn RenningerProject EvaluatorSwarthmore College
user iconDerek RileyProject Evaluator
user iconWes ShumarProject EvaluatorDrexel University
user iconKathleen TomsProject EvaluatorResearch Works, Inc.
user iconShay PokressProject GuestTERC
user iconWendy PollockProject GuestAssociation of Science-Teachnology Centers
user iconDarrell PorcelloProject GuestLawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley
user iconPaige PrescottProject GuestProject GUTS
user iconMaureen Psaila-DombrowskiProject Guest
user iconMSP Guest ReviewerProject Guest
user iconSendhil RevuluriProject GuestUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
user iconSusan Jo RussellProject Guest
user iconEmmanuel SchanzerProject Guest
user iconKatey ShireyProject GuestKnowles Teacher Initiative
user iconDenise SmithProject GuestSpace Telescope Science Institute
user iconElliot SolowayProject GuestUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
user iconWilliam (Billy) SpitzerProject GuestNew England Aquarium
user iconMary Ann SteinerProject GuestUniversity of Pittsburgh
user iconKathy StilesProject GuestWestEd
user iconAnna SuarezProject GuestThe Implementation Group
user iconMary Jo TavorminaProject GuestWest Cook Mathematics Initiative and South Cook Mathematics Initiative
user iconCarey TisdalProject Guest
user iconMary Frances (Tismaneanu) SladekProject GuestNSF
user iconUri TreismanProject GuestCharles A. Dana Center
user iconRena StroudProject ResearcherTERC
user iconTara RobillardProject Researcher, Project StaffTERC
user iconSteve SpodarykProject StaffTERC
user iconLila TotinoProject StaffTERC