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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 109 TERC MSPnet members.

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user iconJoni FalkPITERC Inc
user iconBret FeranchakProject Evaluator
user iconBarry FishmanProject Guest
user iconJudith FonziPI, Advisory Board MemberUniversity of Rochester - Warner
user iconDavid FosterProject Participant, Project GuestSilicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
user iconJason FreemanProject GuestLearn Science Everywhere
user iconJim GaldosProject Guest
user iconMartin GartzmanProject GuestUniversity of Chicago
user iconLinda GreggProject Guest
user iconTed GrovesMyriad, Inc.
user iconDaniel GruenAdvisory Board MemberIBM Research
user iconFor Demo Purposes
user iconJim HammermanCo-PI, Project EvaluatorTERC
user iconGeorge HeinProject GuestLesley University
user iconChris HoadleyAdvisory Board Member, Project Guest, NSF Program OfficerNew York University
user iconKathryn HobbsProject Staff
user iconVerna L. HolomanPI, Advisory Board Member
user iconBruce HoppeConnective Associates
user iconRichard IngersollProject GuestUniversity of Pennsylvania
user iconMarina JacksonProject GuestLearning Research and Development Center