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Mary Ann Steiner



  • Researcher, Graduate Student 


My work has been grounded in science museum youth and community programs. I am interested in how science and technology rich local resources can best be tapped by community audiences to support rich learning environments. My research questions focus on what combinations of organizational structure, people, resources and interests are necessary to create sustainable and meaningful science/technology learning on the community side and strategies for resource sharing on the science organization side. The nature of the collaboration and how all the participating organizations change in their capacity and activity are of particular interest. 


informal learning in community and museum settings 


Velure Roholt, R. and M.A. Steiner, " Not Your Average Workplace: -the Youth Science Center, Science Museum of Minnesota. Curator 48/2, 141-1577, April 2005
VeLure Roholt, R., M. Baizerman, and M.A. Steiner, Museum Development, Youth Development: Examples from a Flourishing Site. Museum Ireland 12, 48-56, 2002