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Mia Ong


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Maria (Mia) Ong, Ph.D., is a Principal Investigator at TERC. Her work focuses on social dynamics in physics and engineering programs in higher education. Ong's projects include an NSF study on gender and project-based learning in introductory undergraduate physics, mathematics, and engineering courses and an NSF project synthesizing research literature on women of color in STEM. Before coming to TERC, Ong was a postdoctoral fellow and instructor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Wellesley College. She has additional experience as a facilitator of a mathematics online community with the Math Forum, as the coordinator of an undergraduate physics program at U.C. Berkeley, and as an elementary school-level mathematics curriculum developer and teacher. 


Qualitative methods and analysis; communities of practice theory; project-based learning; gender, race/ethnicity, and STEM disciplines; sociology of education 


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