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Flora McMartin



  • Evaluator 


Flora McMartin is the founder of Broad-based Knowledge (BbK), a consulting firm focused on assisting educators in higher education in their evaluation of the use and deployment of technology assisted teaching and learning. BBK specializes in building organizational and project level evaluation capacities and integrating evaluation into digital library management activities. Prior to her work with BbK, she was the Director of Member Services and Evaluation for MERLOT (an online repository and community devoted to encouraging the effective use of technology in the service of teaching in higher education) where she designed and directed faculty development efforts as well as the evaluation of web services for users.

Flora received her B.S. in Art and M.S. in Higher Education from Iowa State University, and her doctorate in Education from the University of California at Berkeley. 


Flora has had extensive experience evaluating technology innovations in higher education, focusing especially in the sciences, mathematics and technology areas. Her research interests include studying the impact of computer mediated learning on student learning and faculty roles, the impact of assessment as a means for developing collaborative faculty workgroups and organizational change related to institutionalization of innovative academic departments and programs.  


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