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Amy Cassata



  • Researcher 


I am a Senior Research & Evaluation Scientist and Director of Implementation Research at Outlier Research and Evaluation. My research focus is in the ongoing development, dissemination, and application of Outlier's conceptual frameworks and measures for understanding the implementation, spread, and sustainability of educational innovations, in particular, instructional materials. I led three studies funded by NSF and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) developing instruments for measuring STEM instructional materials implementation and investigating factors that affect their use and sustainability in different contexts. I hold a Ph.D. in education with specialization in Human Development in Educational Contexts from the University of Rochester and User Experience (UX) Certification from the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g). Prior to a career in educational research, I worked as a school psychologist in Texas and New York State. 


Implementation Research
Spread and Sustainability of Educational Innovations
Instructional Materials Implementation
STEM Education 


Century, J. & Cassata, A. (2016, March). Measuring implementation and implementation research: Finding common ground on what, how, and why. Review of Research in Education, 40, 169-215.

Century, J., & Cassata A. (2014). Conceptual foundations for measuring the implementation of educational innovations. In L.M.H. Sanetti & T.R. Kratochwill (Eds.), Treatment Integrity: A Foundation for Evidence-Based Practice in Applied Psychology (pp. 81-108). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.