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Sarah Wille



  • Researcher 


I'm an education researcher who studies educational innovations at Outlier Research & Evaluation, UChicago STEM Ed | University of Chicago. Currently I'm the PI of two NSF-supported research studies at Outlier that aim to increase high school computer science education opportunities for students. The first is a STEM+C study, undertaken in collaboration with the Wolcott School in Chicago, that aims to expand participation in computer science by making CSP more accessible for students with learning differences (students with specific learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders). The second is a CE21 study that involves systematically measuring implementation of Exploring Computer Science instructional materials and the factors affecting implementation, and developing survey instruments and resources to support the CS education community.

I've worked at Outlier since 2010 on a range of research and evaluation projects focused on increasing and improving STEM+C education. Prior to Outlier, I worked in the Education Department of the Field Museum, leading teacher professional development and collaborating with Math & Science Education faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology in instructional materials development and training for high school science teachers. I have a PhD and MA in Anthropology from Indiana University and currently reside in San Francisco. 


education research and evaluation