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David Foster




David Foster is the executive director of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) comprised of 91 member districts across the United States. Besides the intensive work in California, SVMI consults across the country including New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia. SVMI is affiliated with programs at University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and San Jose State University. David established SVMI in 1996 working as Mathematics Director for the Robert N. Noyce Foundation. Foster consulted with PARCC and develops exemplars for SBAC. He is also Co-Chair of the advisory committee of the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service/Balanced Assessment. He is Co-Director of the Santa Clara Valley Math Project. He is a consultant to the Urban Math Leadership Network that work with the 25 largest school districts in America. David was a Regional Director for the Middle Grade Mathematics Renaissance, of the California State Systemic Initiative sponsored by the California Department of Education and funded by the National Science Foundation. David taught mathematics and computer science at middle school, high school, and community college for eighteen years. He also works part-time for San Jose State University. Foster is the author of Interactive Mathematics: Activities and Investigations, published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1994. This publication is an innovative mathematics program for middle school students, grades six through eight. His other works included Exploring Circles, published by Glencoe, 1996 and Computer Science One, published by Coherent Curriculum, 1988. Middle School Mathematics, published as an online curriculum by Agile Mind, 2006. Currently his is the head writer on a new high school curriculum for the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. 


Mathematics Education 


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