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Ishara Mills



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Ishara Mills-Henry is a postdoctoral fellow at TERC and the program director of Science of the Eye at MIT. She received her PhD in biochemistry from MIT in the laboratory of Jonathan King where she studied the properties of the crystallin proteins. After her graduate work, she continued as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of John Dowling at Harvard University, researching the development of rod photoreceptors. Currently at TERC, she is researching inquiry-based initiatives in science education. The Science of the Eye program is a professional development initiative for teachers who want to incorporate the principles of vision into their classrooms. It is funded by the National Eye Institute, a division of NIH. Dr. Mills-Henry has led workshops for high school science teachers on the evolution of the vertebrate eye and the structures of proteins involved in vision. She has a special interest in finding ways to engage high school students. 


Biochemistry, science education