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Jeanne Narum



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Jeanne Narum is the founding director of Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL). For almost two decades, PKAL has built networks of individuals and institutions taking responsibility for improving the quality and character of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning of undergraduates. This is a large network, including STEM faculty at all career stages and their administrative colleagues. Narum coordinates the work of the many volunteers who are the core of PKAL. PKAL's focus on what works in transforming the undergraduate STEM learning environment has been the thrust of the nearly 200 meetings PKAL has sponsored since 1991, as well as the PKAL print and web publications ( Major themes in all PKAL activities include: developing STEM leaders; bringing how 21st century STEM is practiced into undergraduate learning environments; and capitalizing on research-based approaches to engaged learning. The kaleidoscopic metaphor reflects PKAL's attention to the relationships among all facets of institutional culture. Narum is PI of the current major PKAL grants-an initiative with six collaborating partners involving over 100 colleges and universities focusing on pedagogical reform (NSF), and an initiative involving 32 campuses focusing on determining what works in facilitating interdisciplinary undergraduate STEM learning (W.M. Keck Foundation).