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Jim Dorward



  • Higher Ed: Education, Evaluator 


Dr. Dorward was Co-principal investigator (with Larry Cannon, Leo Edwards, and Robert Heal) of Creating a National Library of Interactive Web-Based Virtual Manipulatives K-8 Mathematics, a materials development and evaluation proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation . This project established a national library for web-based virtual manipulatives for elementary students and their teachers.

He was also co-principal investigator (with Mimi Recker) of The Instructional Architect: A System for Discovering, Recommending, and Combining Learning Objects, an instructional design and evaluation project funded by the National Science Foundation on June 9, 2000. 


Evaluation and research methodology, ethical standards in evaluation and research 


Dorward, J., Recker, M., & Reinke, D. (2002, July). An Evaluation Model for a Digital Library Services Tool. Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries: Portland, Oregon July 14-18. The Association of Computing Machinery (322-323).

Cannon, L.O., Dorward, J., Heal, E.R.(2002). Virtual Manipulatives in Mathematics: Addressing the Conceptual Dilemmas. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference 2002(1), 1056-1060

Dorward, J. (2002) When Research Findings Differ From Intuition. Focus issue of Teaching Children Mathematics 8(6) 329-332. Acceptance rate: 30%.