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TERC MSPnet Profile

TERC MSPnet: An Electronic Community of Practice Facilitating Communication and Collaboration


This project will establish a web-based, interactive electronic community to build capacity and enrich the knowledge base of the MSP projects and the Learning Community of which they are a part. Specifically, MSPnet will:

  1. expand MSP projects access to, and ability to share, resources, emerging research, tools, best practices, obstacles and strategies;
  2. strengthen geographically dispersed partnerships by enhancing and sustaining dialogue through innovative collaborative tools, events and structures;
  3. create a growing archive, for both researchers and practitioners, of the lessons and accomplishments of the MSP program;
  4. enhance the public's access to, and knowledge of, the MSP program;
  5. conduct research on the impact of on-line formats, functionalities and structures to enhance large scale education reform efforts.