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MSPnet Phase II funded until the year 2012


We are thrilled to announce that NSF has awarded TERC with funding for Phase II of MSPnet which will ensure the active development and facilitation of this site until March 2012. This funding will ensure that MSPnet is there to support each MSP project as it reaches maturity and even as it faces challenges of sustaining partnerships post funding.

MSPnet Phase II will allow TERC staff to conduct further research on the effectiveness of online communities for professional development, and certainly to engage in further development of the tool itself.

We hope that this second phase of funding will reassure projects that this online learning community and portal will be there for projects for the long term. We hope this will encourage projects to expand their membership, to create new working groups for collaboration, and to post research, resources, and tools for the benefit of their own project as well as for other MSPs.

Through your active participation, MSPnet will create an archive of lessons learned which will certainly inform all future reform efforts.

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