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Reaching for Common Ground in K-12 Mathematics Education


"The MAA (Mathematical Association of America) hopes to help encourage and facilitate constructive discourse between mathematicians and mathematics educators in order to seek common ground in their mutual efforts to improve K-12 mathematics teaching and learning. The success of two pilot meetings (one at NSF in December 2004 and a second at the MAA offices in June 2005) with two mathematicians (R. James Milgram and Wilfried Schmid), three mathematics educators (Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Joan Ferrini-Mundy and Jeremy Kilpatrick) and a moderator from the business community (Richard Schaar) demonstrated that such common ground does exist among individuals who are thought to be strongly aligned with different sides in what has come to be known as the 'Math Wars.' "

See the MAA website for follow-on articles and other related resources.