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MLRN: The Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network


Promoting the mentoring and induction of new teachers by supporting mentors and induction programs in K - 12 schools and in university teacher education programs.

The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network, better known as MLRN, is a grass roots effort started by a few educators and supported, in part as a network of the ASCD. Since 1991 MLRN has grown to become a international initiative. MLRN was started by six educators with an interest in new teacher mentoring and induction programs. The intent was to help educators everywhere to access the best practices in mentoring and induction and to create a "mentoring initiative" across the USA.

The 5 MLRN Purposes

  • To provide an organizational vehicle for a mentoring initiative.

  • To increase the knowledge base and general awareness of best practices in the mentoring and induction of new teachers by providing a variety of forums for those involved in mentoring to share their experiences with others.

  • To promote and provide effective training for new teacher mentors.

  • To establish mentoring of new teachers as the norm in schools.

  • To establish, through mentoring, the norms of collegiality, collaboration and continuous professional development in schools.