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Eight Questions on Teacher Preparation: What Does the Research Say?


"What are the most effective strategies for educating and training the nation's teachers? For policymakers, teacher educators and others seeking clear answers to this question, the cacophony of claims and counterclaims by advocates of one approach or another -- selectively using only those research studies consistent with their point of view -- has made clarity elusive.

It was precisely the goal of the larger report from which this summary derives to review, thoroughly and dispassionately, the entire body of solid research on teacher preparation to ascertain what evidence the research truly provides and what its implications are for policy. The report is based on a review of 92 studies that were selected, using rigorous criteria, from a total of more than 500 originally considered. These studies were used to answer eight questions about teacher preparation that are of particular importance to policy and education leaders.

The full report , available both online and in print, includes a detailed description of the findings and policy implications, as well as summaries of all 92 research studies reviewed. It also features a discussion of the use of research in policy decisions and makes a number of recommendations for improving teacher preparation research specifically and education research, in general."